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Operation Steps and Precautions for SF6 Gas Leak Detector Test

China Wuhan GDZX Power Equipment Co., Ltd certification
China Wuhan GDZX Power Equipment Co., Ltd certification
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Company News
Operation Steps and Precautions for SF6 Gas Leak Detector Test

Operation steps of SF6 gas leak detector


1. Turn on the power switch of the instrument, and the screen light will be on.


2. The LCD screen displays the startup interface, and the instrument enters normal operation after preheating. The initialization will perform a self check on the hardware. The initialization time is approximately 10 seconds.


3. After entering the second screen, the instrument initialization is completed and enters standby mode“ ♥” It will not flash. The standby interface will display "detection value: 0000ppm", "maximum value: 0000", and battery level.


Attention: When initializing the SF6 gas leak detector, it should be kept free of smoke in the ambient air. SF6 gas or choose to stay away from the detection point. After about 10 seconds, the instrument will automatically enter the second screen interface.


4. Perform start stop detection by pressing the "Measure" button on the panel. The instrument enters the detection state“ ♥” It will briefly flash and emit a work prompt sound, and the work indicator light on the handle will slowly light up. When the measured concentration is high, the measurement value on the LCD screen will also continuously increase. The instrument will automatically record the maximum measurement value and compare the real-time measurement value with the previous maximum value. The closer the measurement value is to the maximum value, the more alarm indicator lights will light up, and the frequency of the work prompt sound will also be higher.




5. After using the SF6 gas leak detector, turn the instrument power switch to the off position. Then place the instrument and probe back into the chassis.


6. Charging: When the whole machine is working and the battery level graph is empty, it indicates that the battery level is insufficient. At this time, charging is required


Electrical appliances charge instruments. The specific steps are to plug the randomly carried charger plug into the upper left plug of the instrument, and plug the other end of the charger's two core plug into the AC 220V. At this point, the light is on. Indicates that the instrument is charging, and if charged for 5 hours, the instrument can operate for more than 12 hours.


Precautions for SF6 gas leak detector test


Before starting up, the operator should first carefully read the operating instructions and strictly follow the steps for starting up and shutting down the instrument.


It is strictly prohibited to place the probe gun on the ground, and the probe hole must not be filled with dust, water, or oil. It must not be dropped or damaged to avoid affecting the performance of the instrument.

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